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who we are

Hello, we are NUR Kitchen

We’re here to help you feel the healthiest version of yourself.

We understand that our busy lifestyles can be overwhelming sometimes but we truly believe that if we put the right fuel into our bodies we can achieve just about anything. 

The body’s ability to heal itself is extremely vast, and when we give it what it needs, it WILL provide us with the good health we strive for and deserve. We strongly believe that when we eat the foods that nature intended for us to consume, we are NURtured with energy that not only makes our bodies healthy, but benefits our emotions as well.


We LOVE food but we love health even more

Hi, my name is Carlos, Nutrition Certified Professional Chef and co-founder of NUR Kitchen. I am always been very passionate about holistic and organic ingredients and the amazing results that can bring to a person’s overall health. I know how much of a challenge it is to find high-quality prepared meals in the area. 

We started cooking at home for a few friends that needed to start eating healthy and after only a few weeks of changing their eating habits they felt AMAZING. Soon enough, their co-workers, friends, families, started asking about our meals. That’s why in 2020, my wife and I started NUR Kitchen; to provide a healthy food delivery service that not only is convenient and reliable, but also super NURturing for your body. 

Nowadays we are very proud to offer one of the healthiest and most delicious meal delivery services in Salt Lake City.

OUR food philosophy

Ingredients matter

We use AMAZING ingredients that are both functional and delicious to make our meals even more healthy. We use many superfoods and adaptogens that help our bodies feel NURtured and also full of good energy.

The only fats you’ll find in our pantry is olive oil and coconut oil which are the healthiest fats for our bodies to consume and process. We use lots of great anti-inflammatory ingredients that not only add tons of flavor profiles to our food but also contribute to our overall health; such as turmeric, ashwagandha, mucuna, quinoa, ginger, tocos, fresh fruits, avocados and different kinds of nuts. 

We prep and cook everything one day before deliveries to guarantee that the meals are the most fresh in the area.

Organic wholesome

Exclusive use of healthy fats

Only natural sweeteners


100% from scratch

What our clients are saying…

Let food be thy medicine​​

Join us today and experience by yourself how food can NURture your body and soul